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Forget trawling through endless pages of contradictory advice, Lionne’s on-demand skincare classes decode the science of skin, arming you with the knowledge you need to achieve your skin goals. Always honest, always unbiased.

What is Lionne?

Lionne is The Beauty Voice of Reason, proof that skincare be simple, if you just ask the right people. An education platform at our core, Lionne helps our community reach their skin goals. How? Through virtual skincare consultations, tailored skin advice, long-term coaching digital skincare courses.

Co-Founder Ksenia Eytan

A trusted skincare expert and recognised voice in the industry, Ksenia founded Lionne alongside Megan with the mission of helping users like you swerve the skincare hype to find products and techniques that genuinely work. She holds certifications in Advanced Skin Science and Nutrition and as a new mum, she has a particular passion for helping other women navigate their skin throughout pregnancy.

Co-Founder Megan Felton

Respected beauty industry expert, Megan has a background in Advanced Skin Science, Skin Health and Lifestyle Assessment, qualifications which have enabled her to transform the faces of thousands of clients worldwide. She has been featured in prestigious publications like Vogue and Vanity Fair, and given her own experiences with rosacea, she knows everything there is to know about the skin barrier.

Skin Mentor Coordinator Claudia Tua Clark

Claudia is Lionne’s lead Skin Mentor and BABTAC accredited Skin Expert. Following a stint in Beauty PR, Claudia was looking to be part of the solution when it came to skincare confusion. Her own journey with Adult Acne, which was onset following coming off of the birth control pill, led her down the path of discovery her skin on a deeper level. She has helped Lionne clients successfully manage their hormonal acne with ‘life-changing’ results.

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